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Tech Recruitment Hub

Empower your tech recruiters
through recruiting technology

  • Reduce time to hire for technical positions - both perms & freelancers
  • Automatically qualify and rank candidates
  • Provide candidates a superior recruitment experience

Achieve your ambitious tech road map targets

  • Instant access to



    Automatically find qualified talent

    Our recruiting software provides recruiters instant access to millions of developers from platforms such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Kaggle - with just a few clicks.



    Reduction of time to hire

    Streamlined recruiting process

    We save our clients tech teams’ crucial working hours and costs by making sure their candidates are a technical fit and on-par with our clients and our own high quality standards.



    Very satisfied or satisfied candidates with expertview’s process

    Stellar candidate experience

    Our hiring process significantly improves the candidate conversion rates by utilizing customized reach outs (using code), a quick process and remote interviews led by domain experts.

What is a Tech Recruitment Hub?

A Tech Recruitment Hub provides your company with its very own team of tech recruiters that have access to expertlead’s advanced recruiting software. The recruiters find, assess and hire talent for your vacant full time and freelance tech positions. Additionally, our recruiting experts assist you with the implementation of streamlined, cost efficient and pleasurable recruiting processes.

In short, we enable you to realise your tech recruiting targets.

Leverage the benefits of a Tech Recruitment Hub

  • Access to active world class talent

    Gain instant access to 40M+ technical profiles that are being prequalified and ranked as per their experience and fit to your open position, ensuring greatly improved response rates for recruiters.

  • Shorter hiring cycles

    Don't wait months to fill your open positions by streamlining the finding, assessing and hiring of candidates with technology. Further, benefit from your own database of screened candidates, allowing you to quickly and confidently hire.

  • Superior candidate experience

    Expertlead’s Peer-to-Peer assessment is an interview led by a domain expert which is using continuously tweaked, high quality technical questions to create an eye-level skill evaluation experience.

  • Higher matching accuracy and speed

    The Peer-to-Peer assessment allows the precise judgment of a candidate's technical skills, vastly improving matching accuracy. Tech decision makers save time by only having to review suitable candidates.

  • Do any of these
    scenarios seem

  • We are scaling quickly and need to expand our tech team fast

  • We want to take interviewing time off our tech team’s shoulders

  • We exclusively look for highly skilled & fitting candidates to join our tech company

  • We want to make our recruiting team even better when it comes to tech recruiting

  • We are aiming to cut down recruitment costs