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Virtual Fireside Chat

The Adventures of a Digital Nomad

  • Explore the exciting life of digital nomads
  • Discover the remote opportunities you have as a freelancer
  • Determine if the digital nomad lifestyle suits you

14 October, 6:00 - 7:00 pm CEST

The virus has broken through cultural and technological barriers that prevented remote work in the past, setting in motion a structural shift in where work takes place. Hybrid models of remote work are likely to persist in the wake of the pandemic, mostly for a highly educated, well-paid minority of the workforce.

As tech freelancers, we are part of this highly educated group that sees the highest potential in working remotely. Digital nomadism takes remote work a step further, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere in the internet-connected world. In the wake of the pandemic, the number of digital nomads has risen by 49%.

But, how does one become a digital nomad? What preparation is necessary? And would the lifestyle even suit me? 

In this fireside, our panel of experienced digital nomads will guide you through all the relevant topics you should be informed about to make an educated decision whether you want to become a digital nomad or not. 

No matter if you are interested in the nomad lifestyle or not, the stories our panelists have to share are guaranteed to capture your attention. Check them out below! 





  • The Beginning - first steps in becoming a nomad
  • A Nomads Journey - what life feels like as a nomad
  • Work-Life - how do nomads work
  • Well Being & Self Discipline - staying on course
  • Personal Development -  reaching new heights wherever you are

Andy Stofferis

Andy is a remote work and digital nomad expert that has been travelling different parts of the world over the past 6 years, all while running a fully remote digital marketing agency. Via his blog, Andy shares his experiences as a digital nomad, offering advice and guidance on how to best enjoy the lifestyle. Andy will be the moderator of the fireside chat.

Check out his blog: andysto.com

Get in touch with Andy: hello@andysto.com


Thomas Backlund

Thomas is a lifelong Open-Source Developer who got rid of his apartment and most of his possessions to live in a tent in the forest to code - powered by portable solar panels and mobile internet. Thomas has found a way to combine his love for the outdoors with his passion for coding. Thomas will be joining the fireside chat as a panellist.

Check out his page: thomasbacklund.com

Get in touch with Thomas: ts.backlund@gmail.com


Ilia Postolaki

Ilia has been working as a Software Developer for over 10 years now. A few years ago, Ilia discovered his second passion – sailing. Currently, Ilia lives and works aboard his sailboat, which is both his permanent home and office. In his spare time, Ilia works on Comeo - an open-source platform for crowdfunding and cooperation. Ilia is our second fireside chat panellist.

Check out Comeo: comeo.co

Get in touch with Ilia: ilia.postolaki@gmail.com