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About the speakers

Bogdan Ariton

Freelance Software Engineer

Bogdan has been fascinated by computers since his childhood. Starting his career as a Software Engineer already in his second year of university was a logical step. He was involved in numerous large scale projects in the medical industry, working predominantly with C++. In the last 10 years Bogdan led diverse tech teams, including a research and development team for an ERM. With the newly gained flexibility of working from home last year he dared the switch into freelancing.

Eduard Drusa

Freelance Software Developer

Eduard started his career as a Software Developer right after university. He gained experience in various projects and industries, including server and desktop applications, embedded software for entertainment, industrial and automotive applications. At the break of the Covid pandemic and thanks to the remote work set up, Eduard pivoted his career into freelancing. As he puts great value on learning and acquiring new skills, he now invests his newly gained freedom into supporting open source projects.