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Blazing Fast Onboarding as an External Product Manager


This webinar outlines how you can structure your onboarding in order to add value in 1-2 weeks. The content focuses on the onboarding of Product Managers as their onboarding tends to be the most challenging. However, the processes and strategies outlined are applicable to every onboarding situation. 


Onboarding is one of the recurring themes in our line of business. Every time we join a client we need to first acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours before we can begin adding value. Only once we start adding value is the onboarding completed. As we aim to add value as quickly as possible and the starting phase determines how the rest of the collaboration will unfold, onboarding plays a large factor in how our performance is judged. 


Our special guest, Mirela Mus, has almost a decade of experience in Product Management. More than two years ago, Mirela founded Product People, a company that specialises in coaching and consulting product teams. The group's credo is that good companies manage to engineer, but great companies manage products. Mirela will share with you her vast experience in structuring and onboarding in such a way, you are able to deliver value within 1-2 weeks. 

Webinar Agenda:

  • What is onboarding
  • Why Product Manager onboarding is so hard
  • The importance of people 
  • How to identify the problems within the product and company context
  • Q&A session


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